Service Summary

Our expertise together with our infrastructure enables us to better understand your needs and deliver tailored brand solutions leveraging global & local insights to drive growth. The IQPS team has a very successful record of growing brands across numerous fast moving consumer goods categories In Cambodia.

IQPS has over 20 years experience in Cambodia with global and regional brand management and distribution through an extensive and highly capable network of retailers, wholesalers and distributors across all 25 provinces of Cambodia.

The IQPS team manages full agency and through the line brand management and logistics for our principal partners. This includes: Product importation, warehousing, co-packing, Transportation, selling, marketing, merchandising, and back office services through highly trained logistics, sales and marketing teams for both food and non-food products.

Our Offer:

  • A dedicated & capable marketing, sales and distribution network across Cambodia.
  • The ability to increase and maintain significant reach, stable and cost effective supply of goods and services across all 25 provinces.
  • High level of understanding and compliance with local regulations, safety, health and Environmental requirements

Benefits to You:

  • A safe, cost effective and immediate brand presence and market activation
  • Access a highly capable and valuable supply and distribution network for long term market presence.
  • Quality delivery management, tracking, reporting and implementation of innovation to drive growth

Brands Imported and Distributed by IQPS Trading