Asakura Koji Whisky

Country of Origin: Japan

Asakura Koji Premium Whisky is created in a single distillery (similar to Scottish Single Malts). The master distiller carefully selects casks that provide the smoothest and tastiest whiskies to carry the Asakura name. Asakura Premium is distilled from 100% local Japanese barley (mugi), which is just the start of the Asakura Premium journey. It is matured in oak sherry casks, which combined with traditional koji fermentation endows a distinctively smooth taste and texture unique to Asakura Premium – a new taste that’s been centuries in the making.

Asakura Koji Japanese Whisky Bottle

Asakura Koji Premium Whisky radiates a deep golden hue resembling the barley fields of Japan in autumn, Asakura seduces the senses with scents of honey, vanilla, and a touch of coconut from the oak, which are accentuated by subtle notes of citrus zest and cinnamon on the palate. To drink Asakura is to indulge in the spirit of Southern Japan.

Kyushu Spirits Corporation

A new spirit. The Kyushu Spirits Corporation is where East and West meet – with remarkable results. By combining centuries of distilling expertise from Japan’s island of Kyushu with some equally well- established Western techniques, the Kyushu Spirits Corporation has been able to create a range of truly ground-breaking hybrid spirits.