Country of Origin: Thailand

Employing the same traditional distillation process as used in the Scottish Highlands’ Speyside, the world’s largest malt whisky producer, BLEND 285 is then aged for at least 5 years in a white oak cask.

The unique BLEND 285 style is to WORK HARD, PLAY SMART!

Cool, eloquent, and full of character, BLEND 285 Signature represents the young generation who ooze confidence and charm. BLEND 285 Signature reflects the fun and friendliness of a sociable party guru who dares to break the mold and truly understands how to enjoy life to its fullest.

The Perfect Serve: The best way to fully enjoy BLEND 285 Signature is by mixing it with soda water, “Scotch & Soda”. BLEND 285 Signature can also be mixed to suit any personal preferences. Drink it pure, on the rocks or enjoy it in a cocktail, BLEND 285 Signature BLENDED SPIRITS.

Tasting Notes: features a series of pleasant palatable characteristics for great whisky lovers to enjoy. A distinctly smooth blend with a lingering finish. Color is an attractive amber.
Nose: Peat smoke, rich fruit flavors of prunes & caramelized dry fruits.
Body: Mid-weight, silky.
Finish: Well-rounded and mellow.

Blend 285 Signature Whisky Bottle and Gold Box