Eight Plus Natural Water comes in 345ml and 552ml bottles.

Country of Origin: Thailand


Eight Plus natural drinking water, pH 8+, from clean, pure natural water, contains minerals that have various benefits for the body. There is a pH between 8 – 8.5 from nature. It helps to maintain the balance between the acidity and alkalinity in the body.

From the beginning, discovered natural water sources from pure lakes that are not commonly found in Thailand, which are free from chemical contamination. It has an astonishing result that it has many important minerals that are beneficial to the body and has a pH 8.5 from the production process at the source. The drinking water factory, Alga Plus Company Limited, has passed the GMP & HACPP quality inspection from SGS Thailand together with the food production license from the Food and Drug Administration and Halal certified quality standards.

Why drink Eight Plus Natural Water?

Benefits of drinking alkaline water Eight Plus

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Benefits of drinking natural water pH 8+

Reduces fatigue, stimulates alertness, reduces tension, rejuvenates, helps for a deep sleep.


Benefits of drinking natural water pH 8+

Balances acidity and alkalinity in the blood, helping blood circulate, increasing the level of oxygen in blood, and making the body more powerful.


Benefits of drinking natural water pH 8+

Helps to treat and prevent acid reflux, constipation and diarrhea. With small molecules in the water helping the body and joints absorb nutrients, thus helping treat and prevent gout and rheumatism.


Benefits of drinking natural water pH 8+

Helps to get rid of waste better, helps to eliminate chemical residues from the use of certain medicines, reduce acidity and eliminate toxins from cells and tissues of the body (detox).


Benefits of drinking natural water pH 8+

Nourishes cells and tissues and helps lubricate muscles and joints to be highly effective and flexible.


Benefits of drinking natural water pH 8+

Adds moisture to the skin. Makes the skin look radiant, younger, assists in destroying free radicals and against premature aging.

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