Country of Origin: Thailand

Full Moon is a premium, sparkling, ready to drink (RTD) wine cooler that is available in four (4) delicious flavours. These are; Full Moon “DARK”, “RED”, “WHITE”, and “ROSE”.

Full Moon “DARK” – An intense sparkling wine cooler gives you a sweet and smooth drinking experience with a unique combination of the taste. Sweeten your mood, discover the taste of your life.

Full Moon “RED” – Dark Red Sparkling Wine with full red-grapes flavour which gives deep and rich taste which also conceal the acerbity taste at the tip of your tongue. This brings the sense of temptations and interests to start a journey to find answers of life.

Full Moon Drinks Logo

Full Moon “White” – JUICY experience Clear Yellow Sparkling Wine combines the freshness of green grapes and tropical fruits which gives fresh sweet-scented taste like the combination of the sun and the wind. The brightness and the cheerfulness bring happiness by slowing down and enjoy your lively life.

Full Moon “Rose” – Orange-pink sparkling wine gives you a warm scent from red grapes, together with plenty types of fruit. You can feel awesome scent on the tip, sweet and fresh as being among flowers. Brighten your happiness and let your heart as fresh as a bird.

We believe that everyone can fulfil new experience and draw happiness from those experiences. Let Full Moon help to create such happiness in various events and feelings from our signature mild taste. It is a journey to seek unique experiences which can happen anywhere at anytime, all you need is to be ready to enjoy them. Create your Journey – Someone said that experiences are not for sell. We have to explore them by ourselves. “Full Moon”, Create Your Journey’ always supports your new chapters of exploration. Explorers have their own reasons to start a journey. For some is to search for new relationships.

FullMoon” brand is produced by The Thai Spirit Industry Co., Ltd., a multiple beverage producer specialising in fruit wine-based products since 2003, single-handedly reinvigorated the Ready to Drink “RTD” market. TSI has over 30 years of experience in wine fermentation technology. With TSI’s quality management and proven expertise, consumers are assured of the highest quality beverages.