Invented in 1880, the secret recipe for Grand Marnier liqueur has been passed down from generation to generation yet remains as contemporary as ever.

Country of Origin: France

It is part of the centuries-old tradition of great spirits. Grand Marnier is both an exceptional product – with its main expression, the Cordon Rouge liqueur – and an internationally known and highly-rated brand. The nobility of cognac and the exoticism of the bitter orange essence that makes up this liqueur lend it an unrivalled fragrance and powerful flavour.

The recipe has not changed since it was first created, resulting in international recognition and a reputation that has defied the passage of time and changing trends.

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Grand Marnier Liqueur

A bit of trivia

“Miss Suzette’s name evokes the famous Crêpe Suzette, which made the Grand Marnier brand name famous in France. Suzette was a friend of the former Prince of Wales (he went on to become King Edward VII), who was a regular guest at the Ritz Hotel in the early 20th century. Suzette inspired the hotel’s famous chef, Auguste Escoffier, to create a dessert named after her; a crêpe flambéed with Grand Marnier liqueur.”

The intense flavour of Grand Marnier liqueur, taken to new heights by cognac enhanced by notes of bitter orange, can be enjoyed either straight or over ice or in cocktails, such as the Grand Margarita. Originating in the United States in the 1930s, Grand Marnier liqueur-based cocktails quickly became a huge success. The richness of the cognac and the subtle flavour of the tropical orange enhanced creations that have since become classics, such as The Grand Margarita, which appears on many drinks lists today at the world’s trendiest establishments. Grand Marnier breathes new life into these classics with avant-garde cocktail experiences. Cognac lends a long finish while the orange acts as a flavour enhancer. This is how the richness of cognac and the subtlety of orange magnify these classics, turning them into timeless, stylized creations.

Crêpes Suzette

Crepes Suzette - Grand Marnier