Pont Des Arts Cognac XO Infinity

Country of Origin: France

Pont des Arts Cognac XO Infinity is a unique blend of exceptional and rare eaux-de-vie created by the Godet family and the Pontallier family. It comes exclusively from the heart and the best terroirs of the Cognac region: Fine Champagne. One must enjoy this powerful Cognac XO “Infinity” slowly, in order to fully appreciate the finesse of every single drop. The unique bottle is designed, modelled and engraved by the finest artisans in France. Often compared to a perfume bottle, its thick glass, gold rope and exceptionally designed cork make this unique Cognac XO 40 Years Old Fine Champagne “Infinity” a beautiful object to behold.

The packaging is of exceptional quality with polished timber and gold markings.

Pont Des Arts Cognac XO Infinity


Pont Des Arts Cognac XO Infinity offers a complex nose of prune, honey, Russian leather, jasmine and violet. Encompassing bouquet, grace, profundity and silkiness, the indelible taste lingers for up to 15 minutes. This magnificent Cognac deserves to be savoured slowly, whereby every sip is a new experience.

The Art

Snake – 2009

True to Yue Minjun’s idiosyncratic style of bold humour, the snake as depicted in this hilarious and jocular painting is an allegory of the number 8, the lucky number in Chinese folk tradition, as it bends to chase its own tail, symbolising infinity. This infinity lies not only in auspice, but also pleasure.

Cognac Godet is the story of three brothers and a father perpetuating four centuries of heritage and adventure through sharing their two passions: the sea and Cognac.

Implementing an artistic dimension to our products is the logical progression of our philosophy whilst creating something new with old friends. We are very grateful to Pont des Arts for drawing the interest of the Cognacais to both Art and the Art of Cognac.