Sagatiba Cristalina Cachaça

“Sagatiba Cristalina is a premium cachaça with unparalleled flavour and an aroma of freshly cut sugarcane.”

Country of Origin: Brazil

Sagatiba Cristalina Cachaça’s cutting-edge multi-distillation process produces an exquisitely clean spirit for unmatched versatility and mixability.

Sagatiba. The world’s finest portfolio of sugarcane spirits, known as cachaça in Brazil.

Sagatiba Pura’s cutting-edge multi-distillation process produces a very clean spirit with the delicate flavour and aroma of fresh cut sugarcane.

Sagatiba Pura’s unmatched versatility and mixability add Brazilian flair to any of you favourite cocktails, especially those calling for fresh and simple ingredients such as fruit juices and herbs. The possibilities are infinite.

Made from fresh cut sugarcane.

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Preparation and Usage

Perfect in a caipirinha or to add Brazilian flair to any of your favourite cocktails.

ABV (%)


Tasting Notes

Premium cachaça with unparalleled flavour and an aroma of freshly cut sugarcane

Serving Suggestions

So pure that it is perfect for cocktails like the famous Caipirinha.

So pure, it is also perfect to savour straight, pure.

Perfect for drinking straight or for mixing in long drinks and cocktails.

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