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Singha Lemon Soda is for young people who want a refreshing and healthy drink or a drink to add with their favourite libation as a mixer. Singha Lemon Soda is sparkling, refreshing, tasty and good for health because it is high in vitamin C, and has zero sugar and zero calories.



  • Sparkling/Refreshing
  • Delicious taste with unique lemon flavour
  • Zero sugar
  • Zero calories
  • High Vitamin C
  • Can drink pure or as a mixer to create a tastier and exciting drink


Reasons to Believe

Made from highly concentrated real lemon juice, not just from flavoured

Has a high vitamin C content at 30.7 mg/can

Unique taste from blending lemon and lime

Good quality product from Singha, the trustworthy and popular brand in Thailand


Functional Benefits

Not only refreshing and tasty but also good for your health. Due to zero sugar and zero calories, it is ideal for keeping your weight down but still enjoying a refreshing drink.


Emotional Benefits

Creates a good feeling and confidence in a healthy drink that is packed with favour, fix and refreshment.


Ideal Cocktail Mixer

An excellent mixer that goes well with many spirits and alcoholic beverages. Either drink Singha Lemon Soda straight or mix with a myriad of cocktails.


Create many cocktails such as a Bitter Lemon Cooler, Horned Melon Tom Collins, Wild Heart Cocktail, Whiskey Orange Crush Cocktail, Grapefruit-Lemon Spritzer, SKKY Vodka and Lemon Soda, and many mocktails such as Red Lemon Soda, Honey Lemon Soda, Raspberry Lemon Soda, and Mint Lemon Soda.



IQPS Trading is a premium wine, spirit and beverage supplier and distributor in Phnom Penh and Cambodia, and is the official supplier / distributor of Singha Lemon Soda in Cambodia. Contact IQPS Trading for assistance with staff training, wine list design and creation, events and other industry needs.

Singha Lemon Soda - IQPS Trading
Singha Lemon Soda distributed by IQPS Trading in Cambodia

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